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                                                                      Astrox Corporation is a growing engineering firm providing a broad range of research and development services for aerospace, aviation and software systems. As a minority-owned, small business company established in 1987, Astrox is capable of providing quality research related to Single-Stage-to-Orbit (SSTO), and TSTO vehicle designs, hypersonic aircraft and missile design, rocket system design, aviation systems, computational fluid dynamics, theoretical fluid mechanics and advanced studies for workstations. Astrox was previously 8(a) certified. Having graduated from the 8(a) program in 1999, it is now an SDB company.

Other capabilities of Astrox include Management Services, Information Management & Services, software engineering and systems development. The Corporate Headquarters of Astrox are located in College Park, MD, with a branch in Colorado Springs, CO, and employees located at APG army base, MD. Astrox employs scientists, engineers and software specialists, all of whom hold advanced degrees. In order to insure quality research efforts, Astrox continues to maintain close contact with its customers, and a strong commitment to focus on their current and future needs.

Dr. Ajay P. Kothari, President and CEO, founded Astrox in 1987. Dr. Kothari has been the project leader on a number of projects for the NASA, Air Force, Navy, Army, as well as McDonnell Douglas Corporation (now Boeing). The Astrox-West Division located at Colorado Springs, CO is headed by Dr. Christopher Tarpley.

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